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Our Services

Productivity and Pricing

Internal and external analysis of business operations. Are you charging the right price for your products? How do your customers perceive your offering? Are customer's perception aligned with your business objectives?

  • Pricing Fundamental Training Courses
  • Production and project cost analysis
  • Analysis of pricing strategy, profit maximization and customer profile
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System Corrections and Improvements

About 70% of small business accounting records contains accounting errors that hinders clarity in their financial results. Because of this, true profit in not calculated correctly.

  • Monthly, quarterly or annual review of accounting transactions
  • Accounting corrections in line with accepted GAAP such as IFRS
  • Implement Accounting Manual
  • Implement Accounting policies and procedures
  • Accounting software implementation
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VAT Management and

Tax don't have to be taxing. Let us take the pain out your Value Added Tax (VAT) implementation and management. We offer value added tax services for the United Arab Emirates and Jamaica.

  • Preparation and Review of VAT Returns on a quarterly basis
  • Implementation of VAT system
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Financial Management

Outsourced Finance or Accounting Manager at the fraction of the cost of a dedicated manager, providing full services.


  • Preparation of monthly or quarterly management accounts
  • Preparation of annual financial statemenets
  • Working Capital management
  • Provision and / or Supervision of Bookkeeping staff
  • Budgeting and forecasting of Net Income, Cash or CAPEX
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We are professionals with over fifteen years of solid experience in business analysis, asset improvement, and system optimization.We facilitate, create and implement methodologies and systems that enhance efficiency and organization.We give valuable insights and validate ideas, making them more congruent to your company's goals.

Our team are chartered accountants currently with qualifications: MBA, UAECA and ACCA. We collaborate or employ any professional with qualified western credentials, that share the same values as we do.


“The session was very informative and also creative. I knew the basics of pricing and also was happy to know that I was in the right direction. However, it was very good to learn some tips and specific areas that could be very helpful for my business. I have the essentials I need for now, and will also reflect upon what I can add to make my finances sustainable. Fay presents solutions with clear, workable examples that made me realize which product/service I could focus on more for higher profitability, so to stress on those would be better than just the whole package! Thank you for your valuable insight.”


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